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Greetings In Christ.

Grace & peace to all of you.

Thank you so much for all your prayers for our people during the Typhoon Yolanda, the strongest typhoon recorded in history according to CNN. The Filipino people prepared & tried to brace themselves for this, having a long list of experience of typhoons & calamities but never had experience a “Storm Serge” with such magnitude. We lost many lives (still awaiting for the official count, most foreign news agency overestimate) but most people were prepared to face the storm but sadly most of their shelters did not withstand the might of the storm. As seen, damage of properties were obvious obliterating almost everything in Yolanda’s path.

Praise God for the people of the world, helping hand-in-hand thru services, goods & monetary gifts for our people. Such great show of compassion & care. No wander Christ haven’t returned yet because of these hearts…

We may be overwhelmed by such kindness & care by the world but like grieving the lost of a love one, after the funeral we are left alone to heal ourselves emotionally & spiritually. Here we need more prayers & continuous inspiration to light up our life again & continue living life & our goal living a new life with Christ.

The Midtown church of Christ, plans to be a channel of blessings for healing & rebuilding after the storm. Through our brethren in the areas directly affected & those going in ground zero, we will gather their assessment on the NEEDS OF THE CONGREGATION/s to rebuild & heal inorder for them to lead as spiritual beacons, shining like stars in the dark.

Midtown church of Christ plans to focus on these disciples directly, with Spiritual & financial help. The giving will be directly given to the congregation themselves & monitored by us as to how it was used for God’s purposes. If feasible financially & with committed workers we can also send local missionaries to the area to assist in their mission plans for the area. Midtown coC will seek out this relationship with this congregation/s until healing occurs.

There is great joy in every giving & we would want to share to your congregation this Ministry of Healing After The Storm.

We are open for any suggestions on the Methodologies further discussions & plans.

We would just like to inform you of this endeavor & is in the planning stage as we await the assessment & contacts. We have pinpointed 2 congregation directly affected (one would be in Tacloban City-the first Island hit by the typhoon where an alumnus of SIBI Tx is stationed-Charlie Sabado). We will be ready with the congregation/s we will collaborate with this 1st week of December.

As for resources, we will be preparing our giving as needed by the affected congregation/s & when relationships have been bonded with them. Again our intent is not only to give monetarily but be there by their side as they

arise from the waters. Midtown church of Christ is inviting you to experience this joy of giving….

And join us in prayers for our people who are suffering because of this typhoon, & for God’s stars that they will shine bright in this days of darkness…


In Christ We Serve,

Midtown Church of Christ
Baguio City, Philippines