General Objective
To develop and recommend to the church forum biblically sound and meaningful ways of edifying church members and implement the same.

Specific Objectives

1. Carefully select and schedule worship assembly leaders such as speakers, song leaders, scripture readers, prayer leaders, announcers, ushers, and other servers in advance. Suggested scheduling is by semester.
2. Prayerfully select and schedule sermon materials in advance.
3. Appoint a worship coordinator who will be responsible for the month smooth observation of worship services.
4. Worship Hall – see to it that chairs are arranged before each assembly. Fix up hall before and after each assembly according to requirement.
5. Lord’s Supper Table – assign or call for volunteers to purchase grape juice, bake bread, arrange flowers, and prepare all these for every worship service.
6. Giving – develop better means of collecting contributions.
7. See to it that the Midtown Informer serves its purpose as medium of communicating pertinent information to the congregation.
8. Assign a staff to be responsible for the following: Editor in chief, computer encoder and contributors/researchers
9. Arrange for babysitters during worship services.

Areas of Responsibilities

1. Worship assembly
2. Worship physical facilities.
3. Midtown Informer
4. Babysitting.