Santiago B. Sameon II, Ed.D.

With the existence of the Midtown church in 1983 and in the succeeding years, with its corresponding numerical increase, came along side the pains of growth. At its commencement, the woes were remedied by the evangelists who were cognizant of the problems. Thereafter, a “Grievance Committee” came into being to address the need.

Over the years, congregational problems balooned, thus the “Guidance and Counseling Ministry” was formed. The ministry is tasked to address doctrinal, social, moral, church affiliation, and conflicting issues, not to mention the family relationship woes of its members. With its formation, along with the cooperation of the brotherhood, the capacity to remedy problems of the congregation is enhanced!


We believe that church members meet problems in this complex society, it is necessary to provide encouragement , counseling and guidance to empower them to face the challenges in life.

We believe that every member of our congregation is empowered to lead a healthy spiritual life by being the light and salt in all levels of life.

We believe that erring members if given proper guidance and opportunity can maximize his/her potentials and attain reformation.


To ensure that erring members will acquire competencies in their spiritual, personal and social development to prepare them for the challenges in the complex society.

To prepare erring church members to be model citizens of society.

To address erring members who are: lukewarm, absentees, have unbecoming/undesirable behaviors and false teachers.


Instill awareness of church members to be spiritually and morally upright.

Encourage erring members to be restored and become useful and productive in the Lord’s work.


Promotion of: Compassion, respect, teamwork, open honest communication, confidentiality and counseling with love (1 cor. 16:14)