The Midtown Church does not believe in any earthly head but strongly affirms that Christ is the head of the church as written in Col. 1:18, Eph. 5:23 and that the Savior of the church is Jesus. Further on, she believes that every congregation is autonomous as taught in Acts 14:23 and Titus 1:5. Midtown church also upholds the plurality of elders or bishops serving in their respective congregations, no more, no less.

The church is presently served by two full time and locally paid evangelists, namely: Arnan A. Bayla and Andy E. Bestre. Aside from them, other church workers like Santiago (Dodoy) Samneon II, Ernie Wagang, Jonathan Ramos, Maril Bayating, Sr. Berine AUstria, Gaspar Baldo, Jr. Rod Tada, Lemuel Glori and others help in the church’s various ministries.

The present location of Midtown church is at Marlett’s Building, Km.4, Marcos Highway, Baguio City. Her current membership is well over 200, discounting the hundreds who moved to other places in the various townships in the Philippines, and those who have gone abroad. Midtown church has gone a long way since her early beginning! Her impact in changing the lives of people is not only felt in Baguio City but throughout the numerous islands in the country and overseas!

Today, despite all the different worship places chosen by the congregation, the Lord must be praised for Midtown church membership has remained intact and the church is still marching on.

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Midtown Church of Christ Worship Assembly

Vision and Mission

The Midtown Church of Christ is a nonsectarian, nondenominational community of Christians dedicated to respond to the command of the Lord Jesus Christ to make disciples and to serve. This congregation is one of thousands of similar independent churches of Christ around the world whose plea is for all believers to practice pure New Testament Christianity. As a family of believers, we envision ourselves to be living demonstrations of the presence and power of Jesus Christ in a community of love, forgiveness and joy.

Our Plea

In a world divided into religious bodies of every doctrine and practice, churches of Christ plead for the unity of all believers in Jesus Christ on the basis of the Word of God. Although most of us are accustomed to religious division, stop and ask yourself, “Is this really God’s plan for His people? Did Jesus die to bring about such confusion as exists among those who claim to wear His name?” Those of us who cannot find this condition in harmony with the Word of God are pleading that all men put aside denominational or sectarian ties and stand together united in Christ on the truth revealed in the Bible.