General Objective
To create a visitation/ benevolence program for the congregation that shall cater to all members primarily and non-members secondarily. (Gal. 6:10) Specific Objectives

1. To visit absentee, problematic, sick and needy members.
2. To render benevolence to needy/deserving members/non-members
3. To set criteria for extending benevolence to needy/deserving members/non-members.
4. To involve the whole congregation in the visitation/benevolence ministry.

Areas of Responsibility

A. Visitation of absentee, inactive and problem members
B. Benevolence Funds
C. Zone leaders and their zones
D. Hospital/Shut-Ins/Prison Ministry

Work Plan

1. Creation of Visitation Teams
2. Orientation on how to visit various kinds of people.