General Objective

To develop and recommend to the church forum biblically sound effective means of making disciples and to promote and implement the same.

Specific Objectives

1. Mobilize members with gift of hospitality to use their homes for neighborhood bible study groups.
2. Mobilize small and special interest groups to meet congregational goals in evangelism.
3. Coordinate all mission and outreach efforts.

Areas of Responsibilities

1. Home bible studies
2. Men’s devotional (for Midtown congregation)
3. Ladies devotional (for Midtown congregation)
4. Young people’s Group
5. Midweek devotional
6. Friday Group
7. Saturday Group
8. Family Life Center
9. Missions (Benguet areas, Cabanatuan)

Work Plan

1. World Bible School
2. Family Life Center (Bible Study, Devotionals)
3. Missions
4. Baptisms (Goal)